Before gutting kitchen. But after installing cans.
There was one can/eyeball over the fireplace, and the only switch is just to the right of the mantle. Thus the remote control switch. Also pulled power from that switch location and added a socket over the FP for the new TV location on the wall there. Project located in the Five Forks area in Greenville, SC

water damaged oak floor. Removed and replaced subfloor. Installed new oak floor.

old kitchen is removed and in the dumpster. Added 3 can lights on a remote control switch (can be operated by cell phone, too).

new kitchen going in. 27" uppers with 12" display cabinets on top. Added 3" can lights to each opening of display, also on a remote control switch.

48" pantry built in. New island, and new light moved to proper location over the sink. (Light is bagged getting ready for the floor sanders to come do their magic.)

New island configuration required adding more oak floor at the bar. Added "cookbook shelves", a pull out trash can, etc. And even though you can't see it, added an electrical outlet inside the bar area so she can plug in a slow cooker or fondue pot on the island.